Aug 24, 2012

The highlight of the Backcountry 2012/13 season: The new Tracker binding

The new Tracker binding brings the pure thrill of untracked powder to even more skiers: it combines the performance of a freeride binding with the versatility of a touring binding. Daron Rahlves: "The Tracker will revolutionize backcountry touring."

Freeride pro Daron Rahlves reckons the new Tracker is "the perfect binding for savoring every aspect of the backcountry". And now everyone can benefit: because the Tracker is so low, it provides enhanced terrain feedback at all times while freeriding – ensuring even better control of the ski. Not only is the Tracker even lower, it is also broader than conventional touring bindings. Which makes it an even better match with wider powder skis. It makes edging easier and more precise and downhill skiing even more effortless.

Hike & Ride Technology for easy handling
The Tracker makes the transition from hiking to riding easier and quicker than ever before. Because the Hike & Ride Switch means that the skis no longer have to be removed when switching between hiking and riding modes – a clear advantage on easy, undulating terrain. A simple push with the ski boot is enough to securely attach the binding to the base plate.


Perfect performance in combination with Atlas ski and Tracker 130 boot
The Tracker binding is perfect for wide backcountry touring skis and backcountry touring boots from Atomic. For any skier hoping to emulate Daron Rahlves, the Atlas is perfect: this broad BC ski floats effortlessly across powder and still delivers optimum edge grip on hard snow.
Rahlves uses the Tracker 130 boot, which is just as versatile as the binding: downhill this narrow performance boot maximizes leverage on wide skis, transferring every last ounce of power with precision and without compromise. With one easy motion it transforms into an efficient touring boot: when you open the Power Control Release, the boot cuff folds forward for full freedom of movement on the ascent.