Dec 03, 2012

Sumann: The Podium Comeback

Successful new start. It’s good that the experienced biathlete Christoph Sumann has decided to postpone the end of his career. And it’s good that he has changed a lot for his sport – although not his partner Atomic. The 36-year old finished on third place at the sprint in Östersund, using Worldcup Skate FL Hard Track, SNS Pilot Race Skate Binding and the WC Skate Boots.

635 days after his last result on the podium (bronze at the world championships in individual in Chanty-Mansijsk), following Dominik Landertinger’s example (2nd place in Individual), Christoph Sumann is also back on Hard Track! “The Featherlight raced like hell; before I started to race I had seen how other athletes had misfired shots. I knew that this was my chance.“ The winner of six medals at Olympic Games and World Championships was close to celebrating his 10th World Cup victory but an error in shooting from standing position occurred. Sumann, who has just recently moved to Tyrol, next competes at the races in Austria, in Hochfilzen from 6 to 8 December.

By celebrating his third victory in the third sprint of the IBU Cup season in Beitostolen, Norway, Atomic athlete Julian Eberhard seems to have become a potential candidate to participate in the World Cup races in Austria.