Aug 10, 2012

More speed with Aukland's "Ultra-light secret weapon"

Anders Aukland dominated the Ski Classics Series 2012 using the new Performance Classic equipment from Atomic. Now every race-oriented classic skier can benefit from this incomparably lightweight and fast World Cup set-up.

How does Anders Aukland manage to deliver so much speed on the classic track? Quite simply, every kick is faster and every push more explosive than ever. And it's all thanks to the new Atomic Classic FL SDS, which he describes as his "ultra-light secret weapon on the classic track". SDS stands for "Short Distance Step" and means that the skier is able to maneuver his ski more quickly and with less effort during the kick phase.

This is made possible by the unique construction of thin carbon laminates and Plast Material (ABS): it stabilizes the kick zone above the snow for especially long glide phases. While still ensuring sufficient elasticity for the skier to kick explosively and precisely.

Ultra-precise kick feeling: the Atomic Worldcup Classic Boot

Another genuine innovation is the new Atomic Worldcup Classic Boot. Its flexible SNS outsole delivers a precise kick feeling – akin to the natural rolling movement experienced while running across firm terrain. An even more precise fit is ensured by the unique Wrapping Lace system: the lacing is fixed to the inside of the shaft and encloses the entire foot. But its talents don't stop there: compared with the previous model it is an impressive 70 g lighter, which is thanks to the ultra-lightweight carbon heel counter. The SNS Propulse RC binding completes the ultra-fast Performance set-up.