Jul 24, 2013

ARC Technology: for the most natural skiing ever

The new Atomic all mountain series makes skiing feel more natural than ever before. The secret is the revolutionary ARC technology which is now integrated in every Nomad and Nomad [S] ski. For the first time, this allows the ski to flex evenly along its entire length. Resulting in greater flow, ultimate traction and a whole new level of feeling for the piste.

In contrast to other skis, which are generally rigid under the fixed binding plate, ARC technology paves the way for a 100% even flex line. What does this mean for the skier? The fact that the ski is able to flex harmoniously from tip to tail allows it to adapt ideally to variations in the terrain to deliver an even smoother ride. From slow runs to fast-paced descents, short turns to long sweeping curves, soft to hard-packed snow: Atomic's ARC technology will bring you the most natural ride ever.

Nomad and Nomad [S]: the first skis featuring ARC technology

The benefits of this revolutionary technology are now within the reach of anyone who opts for a high-performance ski from the Nomad and Nomad [S] series. For example, with the Blackeye Ti, the top model from the Nomad range, you can pull out all the stops on the piste while still being fully prepared for forays into softer snow. If you're looking for a pure sports chassis for piste skiing, then your ideal choice is one of the skis from the newly developed Nomad [S] series, such as the Temper Ti.