• ATOMIC, Svein Tore Sinnes
My Top 3 Results in my Career
  • 7th place in Marcialonga
  • 6th place in Birkebeinerrennet
  • 7th place in Engadin Skimarathon
Winter resorts in the world
  • St. Moritz
  • Oslo
  • Sjusjøen
People i like to ski with Ingredients for a perfect skiing day
  • good shape
  • good skis
  • good snow conditions
  • Bigbang - to the mountains
  • Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams
  • AC/DC - Back in black
Youtube Clips Competitions
  • Vasaloppet
  • Marcialonga
  • Engadin Skimarathon

Svein Tore


Home Resort Tonstad
Website http://www.teampro.no
Svein Tore Sinnes, Atomic

Skiing Since

3 years old

Skiing means to me


My main goal in skiing is

to be on the podium in a Ski Classic/FIS marathon cup race

There is nothing better than

be in a good shape

My favourite word to describe snow


I am also good in

beiing a dad

I could never compete without

my new Atomic equipment(the best!)