Jan 07, 2013

New backcountry touring team challenge: The Atomic Waymaker

On April 6 and 7, 2013, the Dachstein massif will provide the backdrop for the inaugural Atomic Waymaker – a groundbreaking ski touring event in which three-man teams will be challenged to demonstrate their versatility both up and downhill.

The Waymaker ski touring challenge is more grueling than any other ski touring event. Because it's not about being the quickest; rather, it rewards the team with the greatest endurance and skill, the team capable of showing the most creativity in planning its route, the team with the greatest ambition und resilience. Also taking part will be World Cup winner and World Championship medal winner Kilian Jornet, one of the world's best and most versatile ski mountaineers: "When I first heard about the Waymaker challenge I was really excited," says the Catalan, "because versatility is what makes ski touring so fascinating."

One event encompassing every aspect of ski touring

The inaugural Waymaker challenge will take place on April 6 and 7, 2013, in the natural arena of the Dachstein massif (Upper Austria/Styria). Up to eight three-man teams will face an unprecedented challenge: on a route of their choice between Bad Mitterndorf and Krippenstein, each team will have nine hours on day one to demonstrate their skills in all aspects of ski touring. "This event is all about capturing the true spirit of our sport," says Jornet.

From Bad Mitterndorf to the Gosausee via Krippenstein

While day one is a test of route planning, navigation and tactics, the challenge shifts towards endurance on day two. Over the course of an eight to ten-hour day in high Alpine terrain surrounding the Dachstein, the only three-thousander in Styria, the teams will battle it out for the overall win – and a prize fund of 4,500 euro – as they navigate steep slopes, narrow gorges and long downhills between Krippenstein and the Gosausee.

Expert judges

The winners of the Atomic Waymaker will be chosen by a panel of experts on site and by means of GPS tracking and photographs. Victory is based on the number of kilometers covered and difference in elevation, the choice of route for the uphill and downhill stints as well as the Alpine and technical performance of the teams.

Register now

For a place in the Waymaker challenge visit www.atomicwaymaker.com now. You can register a complete team or as an individual looking for team-mates to hook up with. To guarantee the highest possible level of proficiency and safety, participants face tough entry requirements: only the best trained and sufficiently experienced touring athletes will be allowed to take part in the event. The icing on the cake: Kilian Jornet will personally select his team – every individual applicant is therefore in with a chance of experiencing the memorable Waymaker adventure together with one of the world's top athletes.

For further information go to www.atomicwaymaker.com or contact waymaker@atomic.com.