Jan 31, 2012


Atomic athlete Jossi Wells couldn’t be happier. A world class performance in front of the world stage saw the kiwi superstar win the bronze medal in Big Air at X games in Aspen Colorado.

It had been a long week for ATOMIC team member Jossi Wells. He had competed in both Slopestyle and Super Pipe during the week at the X Games. Results did not going his way, and the young man from Wanaka, New Zealand had to push his body and mind one more time to compete in the world renown X Games Big Air. In front of a huge crowd and with even more people watching the live television screening, the stage was set and Jossi was keen for redemption!


The Big Air jump at X Games was an 80 foot step-over jump, with the sweet spot being about 100 feet from the take-off. This event is one of the only Platinum AFP Big Air events, and as such is regarded as one of the most important Big Air competitions in the circuit. Even from the beginning of training one could see that the oldest Wells brother was feeling on point. Ten of the best big air skiers in the world had to face off in two heats to reach the finals. Jossi’s focus on style helped him get second in his heat with smooth spins, solid grabs and massive airs deep into the landing. Half the field was cut and the five best battled it out in a fifteen minute jam session with the combined score of the two best jumps determining the result.


Beaming floodlights and roaring crowds provided an electric atmosphere for the Big Air final. Jossi dropped in switch for his first run, casually skiing the whole run-in backwards at over 60kmph. A super styled out switch double cork 1080° method grab saw Jossi score a 39.00, the highest score any 1080° had been given the entire night. Following this he threw a double cork 1620°, a trick that he had never tried before, spun perfectly and landed on his feet, however just a little bit too large so he crashed on landing. Game-face on, Jossi got strait back up, this time throwing a text-book switch double cork 1440° mute grab, going just as deep but somehow still able to stomp the landing. This absolutely flawless trick scored Jossi a 44.00, tied equal with the highest score awarded on the night. His combined score of 83.00 put him one point behind Swiss skier Kai Maller and 5 points behind American Bobby Brown. They both threw very technical and smooth tricks and Jossi was overjoyed with third place in this hugely progressive competition: “I am so incredibly happy right now, it feels
amazing to be on the podium again” said the Kiwi “Coming out tonight I just really wanted to ski the best I could and did that!” This bronze medal now completes a set for the Jossi, who now has a medal in Big Air, Slopestyle and Halfpipe at X Games in Aspen. Congratulations Jossi Wells!


Being a freeski pro from New Zealand, Jossi Wells might not even know what summer is. ”It‘s not that bad,“ explains the 21-year-old. ”After every ski season I fly to a place that’s nice and warm for a month.“ He started skiing at the age of two in the mountains around his hometown Wanaka. At the age of ten he discovered freeskiing. Since many top-level riders spend their summers practicing in the ski areas around Jossi’s hometown, the young skate-fan got lots of motivation to strive for the top himself. Thus he started to spend the New Zealand summer in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the big US ski areas, to improve his skills. On many of his trips he is accompanied by his father and also by his younger brother Byron, who is already counted among the world’s best freeskiers just like Jossi himself. The brothers also star as main characters in a documentary about the ski-crazy family that is released this autumn. Jossi’s biggest success so far was probably the overall win of the AFP world ranking in season 2010 and that‘s exactly were he wants to return to this coming winter, at the very top.