Mar 22, 2013


Gus Kenworthy claims bronze and Jossi Wells silver at the 2013 X Games Tignes infront of an exhuberant french crowd. As an AFP platinum event the winter X Games Tignes is one of the most important competitions of the season and both Gus and Jossi couldn’t be happier with the result.

Great visibility and soft snow made for excellent conditions on the slopestyle course today in Tignes, France. Eight finalists had three runs to impress the judging panel on three jumps and three jib sections. Competing against the best freeskiers on the planet, Jossi Wells got the second highest score of the day behind McRae Williams, while Gus Kenworthy rounded off the podium; easily the best results of their season.

An unfortunate twist of fate for one can be a great opportunity for another. Andreas Håtveit unluckily tweaked his neck during practice two days ago and was unable to compete during qualifiers. As first alternate Jossi Wells was given the opportunity to compete and blew everyone away with a fantastic run, qualifying in first, while his teammate Gus Kenworthy qualified in 3rd. The pressure mounted in the final as both Jossi and Gus bobbled on their first two runs during and had to lay it all down on their final run through the slopes course. They did just that, both of them laid down the best slopestyle runs they have ever landed.

Sitting in last place, Gus dropped in with focus written on his face, in the tight and technical rail
section he started off with a switch left 270 on pretzel 450 off the high rail, a 270 on to flat rail to right 270 on 270 off the down box, flowing into the jumps he sent a big switch left double 900 japan, followed by a left double cork 1260 true tail to switch right double rodeo 1080 japan and on the last jib feature he stomped a switch right 270 on pretzel 450 out. It was truly one of the most technical runs possible on that slopestyle course and scored Gus a 92.00 just 2.3 points behind McRae Williams.

Jossi Wells was the last competitor to drop and came out with guns blazing launching a massive
switch 630 disaster on the flat down rail, a switch 270 on 270 off the flat rail followed by a smooth
switch double cork 900 safety, a left double cork 1260 mute, a text book switch right double 1080
safety on the jumps, and rounded things off with a switch on blind 270 off to 270 on 270 off the last jib features. His great mix of creativity, style and technicality was awarded a 93.00, pushing Gus off second place and giving Jossi the best slopestyle result of his career. “I couldn’t be happier right now” exclaimed an exulted Jossi “I have wanted to land that run for years and to do it now, here at X Games, is a dream come true. Gus also killed it, and to stand on the podium with him is an honor!” Congratulations to both, truly the success of the season.