Nov 22, 2011

Elias Ambühl takes top spot at the King of Style!

ATOMIC athlete Elias Ambühl is proving to be the man to beat this season, having taken gold at three out of four of the major big air events of the season so far. Last weekend Elias grabbed his latest win at The King of Style in Stockholm. Along with Jossi’s win at the London Freeze, Elias and ATOMIC have swept the city big air circuit this fall with a win at every event.

Having taken gold at and the Budapest Fridge, and narrowly missing the podium in London, ATOMIC athlete Elias Ambühl was on a roll coming to Stockholm for the last big European city event. As one of the longest running events of the city big airs, The King Of Style is seen by many as the one to win, and athletes had come from across the globe to battle it out for the crown.


After flight delays and a late arrival in Stockholm, Elias Ambühl was unable to make the training session for the event, meaning that his first jump on the kicker was in competition. For some this would be seen as a hindrance, particularly at this contest, where the riders list reads like a who’s who in the Freeski world. But the ATOMIC athlete showed why he is one of the most respected professionals on the circuit, laying down his best tricks from the start and immediately taking the pressure off himself whilst piling it on his opponents. The riders all had three jumps in the final, with the best two runs counting, and tricks were not allowed to be repeated.


Elias Ambühl immediately announced his intentions in Stockholm, throwing an enormous double cork 1260º reverse tail. Many of the athletes struggled with the landing, and fellow ATOMIC athlete, Jossi Wells succumbed to this pattern on the night, skidding out on two of his tricks in the finals, which eventually meant an eighth place finish for the Kiwi. However it was still a nail biting final, and as always at this event, progression was the name of the game. The finals saw as many switch doubles as normal doubles, something that is extremely rare on the competition circuit. Bobby Brown was looking good with his switch double cork 1260º in the bag and a double cork 1080º tail, and the UK’s James Woods was also firing, landing a switch double cork 1080º and double cork 1260º nose to mute. But as has been the case throughout the season so far, Elias had an answer, and when he stomped his switch double 1080º mute to japan on his second jump there was no doubt who would be crowned king. The only time someone managed to beat the Swiss phenomenon was at the London Freeze when Jossi Wells edged out his colleague in the knock-out finals and went on to win the event. Thus ATOMIC athletes have stood on top of the podium at every major city big air event this year, and with four wins out of three, Elias Ambühl leads the AFP world rankings in Big Air.