May 01, 2013


On-piste. In powder. At the X Games. In the World Cup. Wherever people ski, the best equipment comes from Atomic. Because Atomic develops custom-made skiing equipment for every skier. Making skiing even more exciting, even more straightforward, even more successful.

Every skier is different. Which is why Atomic provides every skier with skis, boots, bindings, helmets, protectorspoles and accessories built to exactly match his or her needs.
It’s how equipment by Atomic helps each skier have his or her ultimate skiing experience – no matter whether they’re all-mountain skiers, freeskiers or cross-country skiers, whether they want to win a World Cup race, have their sights set on new challenges in Park and Pipe, or live for action and fun in powder.

Innovations that transform the market

From the Redster, the fastest race boot in the world, to the Punx, the Park ski of X Games Champions; from the revolutionary Tracker backcountry binding to the Skintec high-performance waxless ski: there is no skiing discipline where Atomic is not driving progress forward with trailblazing new features.

And Atomic continues to set the standard for the 2013-14 season. Most of the innovations feature in the all-mountain segment: the new Waymaker is the most versatile all-mountain boot the market has ever seen. Two other incredible products are the Nomad and Nomad [S] all-mountain skis, which feature the new ARC technology for harmonious flex on all terrains. Atomic also continues to expand its range of high-quality accessories – for instance the new Revel goggles and the new Mentor helmet.

Individual Rocker shapes for all user groups

Atomic’s Rocker philosophy is very simple: every skier should be able to choose the Rocker that’s best for him or her. The question, “Where do you want to ski?” is all that’s needed to determine which Rocker is right for which skier.

• Those who prefer to ski on prepared slopes should choose a ski with the Piste Rocker – for example a ski from the Redster or Cloud series. The lighter Rocker beneath the tip prevents catching edges and makes it easier to initiate turns. The ski provides a quiet, stable ride.

• The All Mountain Rocker makes skis into versatile, universal tools: precise on the edges, easily controlled when drifting, agile in soft snow. The All Mountain Rocker is used in skis from the Nomad, Nomad [S], Vantage, Ascape and Affinity series.

• Skis with the Powder Rocker – these include the Bent Chetler, Automatic, Blog, Access, Millennium and Century – shine brightest in the backcountry: Rockers in the tip and the tail provide maximum lift in powder while at the same time allowing effortless control.

• The new Park Rocker features on the Punx and Infamous for the first time this year: when jumping it catapults you like a spring-board from the obstacle, keeping the ski stable and in-track on landing.

Successful in all skiing disciplines
Atomic equipment benefits not only Alpine superstars Marcel Hirscher, Benni Raich, Carlo Janka and Marlies Schild, but also the world’s best freeskiers: Elias Ambühl, Jossi Wells and Andreas Håtveit triumph on Atomic at the Winter X Games and on the Dew Tour, while Atomic equipment is what makes Sage Cattabriga-Alosa's and Chris Benchetler’s tracks in the powder. And Nordic athletes Anders and Jørgen Aukland, Dominik Landertinger and Billy Demong are also part of the worldwide Atomic family.

The secret of Atomic's success: the passion of every employee
The true secret of the company’s success, it’s pretty certain, lies in a detail that’s not entirely insignificant: even today, the company is located at the heart of the Alps, in Altenmarkt, where it was founded in 1955. Many employees are from the surrounding area and grew up skiing. This is why every Atomic product is imbued with the passion with which all Atomic employees live and breathe the sport.