Jul 23, 2013

New from Atomic: custom-fit goggles and helmet

Live Fit makes ski boots from Atomic among the most comfortable on the market. This sophisticated technology is now also available on helmets and ski goggles, setting new standards in terms of fit and comfort on the Revel ski goggles and Mentor all-mountain helmet.

Revel, the new high-end goggles from Atomic, features two world firsts: not only is Revel the first ski goggle series to be developed exclusively by and for Atomic. They are also the first ski goggles in the world to feature Live Fit technology.

And their distinctive attributes are revealed the instant the user puts them on: because Revel goggles provide a better, more comfortable and more precise fit than any other conventional ski goggles. The Live Fit Y-Cuts positioned around the frame allow the goggles to perfectly follow the contours of the face, while breathable memory foam ensures a truly personal fit.

Besides their outstanding fit, the new goggles boast impact-resistant, anti-scratch Carl Zeiss lenses for incredible clarity of vision. The special frame design provides 100 percent all-round visibility, while the anti-fog lenses with 100% UVA/B protection can be changed in a matter of seconds thanks to the Quick Lens Switch construction. 

Revel goggles are available in two sizes and three price categories and are fully compatible in terms of shape and design with Atomic's range of helmets – for instance the new Mentor.

Mentor Live Fit: the comfortable eye catcher
Live Fit also makes the new Mentor helmet a perfect fit: the helmet automatically adapts to the shape of any head for an instantly comfortable and precise fit.

The active ventilation system involves a permanent flow of air which can be manually regulated. Its impact-resistant In-Mold construction makes it both supremely comfortable and safe. In-Mold construction is a manufacturing technique where the foam interior liner of the helmet is "blown in" while the hard exterior shell is still in the manufacturing mold. And because the In-Mold construction uses less material, the Mentor weighs in at a mere 430 g.

The Mentor Live Fit comes in several designs with a women's and men's model.