Atomic Skintec

The ski that's ready when you are

Skintec is our high performance grip technology that provides the feel of a perfectly waxed ski, but without the need for waxing. We launched our first Redster Skintec ski in 2011 and since then it’s developed a huge following – not least from our world-class long-distance athlete Simen Østensen, who uses it for training.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that, because there’s no need to wax, there’s no prep time – skiers can just jump on their skis and go. But of all grip technologies out there, Skintec is also one of the most versatile: its grip zones are made with Mohair, which produces strong grip and exceptional glide in all snow conditions and temperatures. 




Skintec is the only high-performance waxless technology on the market with the option of exchangeable grip zones. So you can change them after heavy wear of damage. And for Redster Skintec we even offer different Skintec modules: one for stronger kick and one for faster glide.

NOW ON REDSTER AND SPORT. Like last year, Skintec features on Redster. But we’ve also added Skintec to our Sport range – one of the first times you’ll find top-quality, exchangeable grip technology on training skis for amateur cross-country skiers.