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  • Atomic, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
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Nick Name Sajay
Hometown Alta, WY
Home Resort Grand Targhee WY
Atomic Gear Skis: Automatic, Bent Chetler. Boots: Waymaker Carbon 130 Bindings: Tracker 16, STH 16 Poles: BCT Carbon, Powder
Discipline Backcountry Freestyle
Present Home Portland, OR
Occupation Skier, artist
Sponsors Atomic, The North Face, Smith Optics, Backcountry.com, Purl Wax
Magazine covers hundreds of published pictures, handfull of covers
Hobbies skiing, biking, skating, painting
Website http://sagecattabriga-alosa.com/ Twitter Facebook
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Atomic

How and when did you start skiing

I started skiing in Alta Wy, heading up to the hill at grand targhee. I was one of the first members of the Teton valley ski team, where I learned the fundimentals of making a good turn, and learned the fun of skiing powder.

Who were you skiing with at first

Getting better at skiing with your friends in the first step, you help eachother learn by pushing yourself and being pushed by your peers.

What terrain were you riding at first

At targhee we had cliffs ranging from 20 footers to 60 footers, so hitting cliffs into pow was our first experiements with air.

Who were some early influences on your skiing

Seth Morrison, Glen Plake and Scott Shmidt where my early infunences. Then Mica black, Brant Moles, Kris Ostness, and Chris Collins continued to influence me.

Do you enjoy skiing in contests

I dont mind contests, they help push you, but its not my favorite way to express skiing.

How could contests be improved

Contests like Linecatcher, and the Cold rush, and video contests like TGR Colab are ways that contests can be done right with room for individual style and expresion.

What do you think of ski movies

Ski movies are the motivatiors for huge amounts of people each year. I love being able to be a part of a new film each year to continue to share my creativity, and to be inspired by others.

Which are your favorites

I am a big fan of TGR, Level 1, and independant videos that come out sharing inspiring storys, and skiing.

Do you enjoy shooting video parts

I love working on a video part, it takes alot of time, risk and dedication, but putting together a collection of my best skiing is alway an honor.

Do you ski in the rain

I am not afraid to ski in the rain. And have had some super fun days doing so, often its not about the place, or the conditions that make a good time. Its about your atitude and the people your with.

What do you like about Atomic

I love Atomics commitment and dedication to making great products, the way they support their team, and the energy and passion they have for skiing.

How did you get in Atomic

Atomic has a great amout of energy, and passion for freesking. I recognised this, and felt that Atomics priorties were well alligned with what was important to me. I reached out to atomic and was able to start this great realationship.

Who do you ski with now

I ski with anyone who is where I am. Lots of friends, new friends, and commrads.

Who are your favorite skiers of all time

Chris Colins, Kris Ostness, Seth Morrison, Pep Fujas, Scott Shmidt, JP Auclair, .... pretty much erbody!

What have been the highlights of your skiing career

Highlights of my career have been the freedom to ski, and express myself in films, as well as moments like hiting a spinewall to a natural crevas gap.

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish

So many mountains unskied, and places still to visit! I really connect with getting farther from the beaten path, and getting creative with what and how you put skis to snow.

What do you do besides skiing

I am a artist, a photographer, a designer, a builder, a Mt biker, and a professional at life.

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

Music festivals have ben a good souce of inspiration for music and art. Science fiction books are a great way to pass some time while traveling.

What are your future goals

To live life to the fullest, ski powder with friends, and contiue to experience the outdoors in new and exciting places.