Sep 08, 2011


Zest for action. Marcel Hirscher (22) is a team player. Each and every day, the ATOMIC system athlete (skis, binding, boots, helmet, goggles) who has fully recovered from his scaphoid fracture sustained in February proves this in his preparations. Hirscher himself, his father Ferdinand, ATOMIC boots expert Andreas Dudek and legendary ATOMIC serviceman Edi Unterberger are working on the ideal set-up for the winter.

“The injury made me learn a lot“, Marcel Hirscher said and considering that he is a young and wild fellow, loving his motorcycle, parachuting and “everything that is fast, dangerous and forbidden“, he sounds rather reflective. “In this forced break, I felt from head to toe how important my friends and family are. Being unable to do anything is anything but nice. My sport means a lot to me.“ Since the injury healed, the triple Junior World Champion that has won three World Cup races since his World Cup debut in March 2007 has worked meticulously on the preparations for his forth complete World Cup season.


“In August, I’m traveling to New Zealand for the first time. I am very excited about the conditions I’ll have to expect there“, Hirscher, forth in the Olympic slalom in Vancouver, smiled. ATOMIC serviceman Edi Unterberger who has already worked with ATOMIC all-stars like Hermann Maier, Stephan Eberharter, Markus Wasmeier and Michael Walchhofer, will bring along 400 kilos of luggage (27 pairs of skis) for his protégé Marcel Hirscher. Edi and Hirscher’s father Ferdinand, a skiing instructor who put 2-year-old Marcel on skis for the first time, are spending hours in the ATOMIC workshop to figure out the ideal set-up for the specialist for technical events. “Fredl, Marcel’s father, has good ideas. He spends a lot of time taking close looks at Marcel’s videos. This results in an exciting and productive cooperation“, service pro Unterberger compliments material enthusiast Hirscher senior.