Mar 17, 2013


Lenzerheide. After the 2012/2013 season Marcel Hirscher remains the world’s best racer and a phenomenon for the ski world. In the winter after his big breakthrough he was able to excel himself: overall World Cup winner again, this time with even more points. Double world champion and silver medalist at the home WSC in Schladming. 23 races, 21 podium results. The phenomenon of Marcel’s successes, his huge effort for three-quarters of an hour of extreme racing...

“It makes no sense to calculate, it’s all about racing fast.“ Marcel Hirscher usually scarcely comments statistics of the race in winter. Now that the season is over in which he was also able to also finish the last of his 23 races on the podium – his 21st podium result of the season – he was surprised, “They sound quite crazy, these facts.“ For example: Even Alberto Tomba in the heyday of his career was able only once to finish each and every slalom race of a season with a top-3 result. Or: 1,535 points in the overall World Cup ranking gained in only two disciplines. Marcel was able to top last year’s outstanding performance: 180 points more. Or: Marcel won two gold and a silver medal at the WSC, in total he won seven races, was second eleven times and finished third in three races without dropping out. He commented on this, “In the end this is a result of the Redster development: We managed to solve the problem of straddling a gate with a boot innovation.“

When saying WE Marcel Hirscher talked about the Atomic racing experts, especially his ski-tech Edi Unterberg, his inventive father Ferdinand and himself. And he added, “I am just the one who races down. This season’s series was only possible because all of us were 100 percent committed.” Everyone is in team Hirscher: 100 pairs of skis and bindings, 30 pairs of Redster boots, helmets and goggles for all possible weather conditions had been prepared for the races for Marcel by the Atomic Racing Department – for a total of 41 minutes and 40 seconds at the limit, if you count all races expect for the city events and the team event of the world ski championships. Marcel, “Wow, this is a giant effort, thousands of hours of work for just about three-quarters of racing where everything counts…”

It has definitely paid off: soaring 2.0 of Marcel Hirscher! He has definitely reached the status of a ski superstar. Marcel’s super series in slalom with eleven top-3 results in eleven races amounts to 4.772 meters in height. And he is to first racer in the history of skiing that was able to win the (slalom) world cup on skis developed by himself, the Redster Icon Series. “So many emotions, so many impressions – I have to digest all of this,” Marcel said. In a few weeks, when the hype about him has calmed down a bit, he will be able to do so, “I’ll go on a vacation and be far, far away from skiing.”