Nov 30, 2012

Ex-World Champion Landertinger: back on hard track

Podium and sixth place for Atomic Biathletes Dominik Landertinger and Fritz Pinter at the World Cup kick-off in Östersund, where both used Worldcup Skate FL Hard Track. “An ingenious start”, former World Champion Landertinger commented. And added, “I can feel that there’s even more possible.” His prediction might come true at the races in Austria – on 7, 8 and 9 December in Hochfilzen.

Unerring, feather-light and multi-variant – after 2 years, Dominik Landertinger returned to the World Cup podium. – Back on Hard Track! “The Featherlight Hard Track perfectly matches my style of racing, the edges are good, the tension is perfect and it greatly accelerates – all the test kilometers the guys from Atomic had raced paid off and brought me back to the top.” The feather-light Nomex structure (thousands of small combs made of an ultra-light yet extremely resilient plastic) is not the only advantage of the Worldcup Skate FL series. “Atomic is full of variety. If the snow conditions are hard, I used Hard Track. And under soft conditions, I use the Soft Track – this is a great advantage for Atomic athletes”, Landertinger explained.

For the races at Hochfilzen, Fritz Pinter, who achieved his first top-6 result in 3 years, announced, “After this result my motivation has doubled and tripled. No matter what conditions we might have to face, we’ll be prepared.“