Jan 28, 2012


An ecstatic Andreas Håtveit won a well deserved bronze at X Games Slopestyle this Thursday. After qualifying in fourth place earlier in the day, in the most competitive field yet seen at x, the Atomic athlete upped the ante in the finals under the lights in Aspen, Colorado reaching the coveted podium.

After struggling with the icy conditions at the Dew Tour in Killington the previous week, Andreas Håtveit was hungry for success. The X Games are considered by athletes and spectators alike as the highlight of the year in the freeski calendar with the best action sport athletes of the globe flocking to Aspen, Colorado for the event. This provided the perfect venue for the ATOMIC athlete to display his astounding skills for all the world to see.


The slopestyle course at X Games this year had a total vertical drop of 280 feet and was 1600 feet long, including two jib features and four massive jumps. The field of riders could only be understood as royalty of the freeskiing competition circuit. Any of the riders had the potential to reach the top three and this made for a thrilling competition. Thus, ATOMIC athlete Andreas Håtveit had a huge mountain to climb to make it onto the coveted podium. During practice the always positive Norwegian had mixed feelings about his performance, always looking to better his run. This professionalism paid off and Andreas qualified in fourth place with an impeccable run.


Under beaming floodlights and heavy snowfall Andreas brought his A game to Aspen for the finals. All the other athletes were also on form with multiple double flips and corks being thrown in every run. After a relatively safe yet still phenomenal run Andreas decided to increase the difficulty on his second run which included a blind 360 switch up on the flat down feature, switch right side 1080 tail grab, switch left side 1260 mute, left side double cork 1080 octo grab and a right side double cork 1260. Yes, that is 13 full rotations on four jumps in multiple directions, it doesn’t get much more technical. This run scored the ATOMIC athlete a 92.00 earning him his 3rd X Games bronze medal in three consecutive years. Andreas was smiling from ear to ear after the contest: "Everything just fell together,” he said. “The first run a couple things to clean up, second run one thing to clean up, and last run was just as I wanted it. I skied better than ever." Andreas will be looking to keep up that good form for the upcoming big air comp. Congratulations Andreas!


The first time Andreas Håtveit made an impression on skiing was six years ago, when the newcomer from Sudndalen stole the show at a quarterpipe session in nearby Hemsedal which had gathered the elite of freeskiing to the famed resort. Ever since the Norwegian has accomplished everything a freeski pro can dream of: He has won many big events, among them Gold at the slopestyle contest at the X-Games and the Jon Olssons Super Session, and he has delivered extra-ordinary video parts one after another. The 24-year-old still lives in the small village of Sudndalen, which is covered in snow half of the year, but only has one single ski-lift. Likely no other freeskier commands such a complete repertoire of freestyle tricks as this avid fly-fisher, who has been committed to the pure fun of skiing since his childhood days. He enjoys documenting his skiing style together with is brother and cameraman Jon in unique follow-cam perspectives.