At Atomic everyone skis. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion. Which is why we’re super excited to present our first ever skiwear range for Winter 2014. It’s skiwear designed to do much more than keep skiers warm, too. Instead it actively helps skiers have a better skiing experience. Skiwear carefully built to do exactly what skiers need it to do, and focused on the growing world of progressive all-mountain skiing. Inspired by the spirit of freeski, those skiers want to go off the beaten track. A bit less piste. A bit more powder. So our new range is here to inspire them to do that: a unique range of progressive all-mountain skiwear, with the inspiration of freeski and the functionality and technology of high performance outdoor wear. Up to everything, accessible to all.

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Our athletes Dana Flahr and Daron Rahlves have played a big part in the development and testing of our skiwear. Involved from the early stages to determine the cut, materials and overall design, they’ve also been putting the range through its paces on the steep spines of Alaska and club fields of New Zealand.


Our range is split into three lines: Cliffline, Ridgeline and Treeline. Each provides a different layering option for skiers – including our radical inside-out layering on Cliffline. But all three use the same color-scheme so they’re easy to combine. And all lines come with three exciting new features:

Ski Fit:
In skiing you move differently from other sports. So our ski pants and jackets are carefully cut and shaped to match your skiing positions. They give extra room and stretch in the important areas skiers need, like over the knees and around the elbows and shoulders. So even when you’re crouching, bending and turning, you’ll never feel restricted.

Lightweight Fabrics:
Lightweight skiwear can make a massive difference to your day – particularly if that day is a big one. We’ve been working closely with our partners at Pertex® and PrimaLoft® – combining their fabrics to make our new skiwear as light as you can get, but still strong, durable and warm.

Climate Control:
As well as being lightweight and strong, our range helps control your body temperature. It features multi-layers, breathable fabrics and heat reflective materials in strategic areas. Plus a clever take on venting, with easy-to-reach vents at the front instead of under your arms. All designed to keep you insulated at the top of the hill, cool at the bottom and free the whole way down.

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