• Atomic, Anders Aukland
  • Atomic, Anders Aukland
  • Anders Aukland
  • Anders Aukland Atomic
My Top 3 Results in my Career
  • Overall Winner Ski Classic 2012
  • 1st Marathon Cup 2013 50km C Mst
  • 1st Marrathon Cup 2013 70km C Mst
Winter resorts in the world
  • Sun Valley, USA
  • Seiser Alm, Italy
  • Beitostølen, Norway
People i like to ski with Ingredients for a perfect skiing day
  • good shape
  • perfect skis
  • a nice race
  • Never Let Me Down Again/Depeche Mode
  • Just Like Heaven/The Cure
  • Dødelein/Seigmenn
Youtube Clips Competitions
  • Vasaloppet 2004
  • Marcialonga
  • OWG



Hometown Tønsberg
Home Resort Oslo
Atomic Gear WC Skate Featherlight, WC Classic Featherlight/WC Skate, WC Classic/PILOT RACE Skate, PILOT RACE CLASSIC
Discipline Cross Country/ Long Distance
Website http://www.teamxtra.no
Anders Aukland, Atomic

Skiing Since

I was born

Skiing means to me

a big part of my life..

My main goal in skiing is

win big races

There is nothing better than

be in good shape

My favourite word to describe snow


I am also good in


I could never compete without

good equipment