• ATOMIC Michelle Parker
  • ATOMIC Michelle Parker
  • ATOMIC Michelle Parker
  • ATOMIC Michelle Parker
My Top 3 Ski Spots
  • Squaw Valley
  • Pemberton Backcountry
  • Bariloche, Argentina
  • Good Luck Thrift Store
  • Shovels & Rope
  • Daft Punk-Random Access Memories
  • Baraka
  • Chasing Ice
  • The Cove
  • Jeremy Jones
  • James Heim
  • Shane McConkey



Nick Name Meesh
Date of Birth Apr 10, 2013
Hometown Tahoe City
Home Resort Squaw Valley
Atomic Gear Skis: Millenium 177cm, Boots: Tracker 110
Occupation Skier
Sponsors Atomic, Red Bull, Mountain Hardwear, Anon, Squaw Valley, Kicker, Arcade
Magazine covers Freeskier, Powder, Outside, etc.
Hobbies Skiing, Mountain Biking, Running, Climbing, Camping, Backpacking, Paddle Boarding, Yoga, Reading, Cooking, Photography
Vehicle Toyota Tundra
Website http://www.michelle-parker.com Twitter
Michelle Parker, Atomic

How and when did you start skiing

My mom and dad got me on skis when I was a 1 year old. I can't remember my first time skiing, but I wish I did. Growing up in Squaw Valley, it was normal I guess.

Who were you skiing with at first

My family

What terrain were you riding at first

Squaw Valley

Who were some early influences on your skiing

Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Seth Morrison, Sarah Burke, CR, JT Holmes

Do you enjoy skiing in contests

When the conditions are great...then yes! It's a free run for yourself

How could contests be improved

I don't really compete anymore.

What do you think of ski movies

I watch them all. I love seeing athletes personalities show through

Which are your favorites

In Deep, All I Can, Superheroes of Stoke

Do you enjoy shooting video parts


Do you ski in the rain


What do you like about Atomic

Quality product

Who do you ski with now

James Heim, Mark Abma, Jt Holmes, Timy Dutton, Nicki Slechta, Jackie Paaso, Ingrid Backstrom, Elyse Saugstead

Who are your favorite skiers of all time

Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Chris Benchetler, Sage, Abma, Heimer

What have been the highlights of your skiing career

Filming with MSP for Superheroes of Stoked and winning best female performance at iF3 and Powder Awards

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish

A ton! I want to gain knowledge and experience in the backcountry and big mountains to continue to push myself in that direction.

What do you do besides skiing

See: Hobbies!

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

Shantaram is a great book. The Four Agreements, The Glass Castle, Random Rab, lost's of new music all the time.

What are your future goals

To continue to progress in many different avenues of my life and to always have fun. Stay young!