Jan 11, 2013

Mikaela Shiffrin: The Secret of her success

Mikaela Shiffrin. A new winner’s face in the World Cup! The way she races and wins: This is a new lightness in ladies’ racing. Mika’s joy for skiing is catching. After three slalom victories in her second full season she is now wearing the most precious shirt of the World Cup. Its color matches the motto of the Atomic team, “Ride Redster“.

“Cool, I will use this for the next Halloween party“, Mika said about the stylized ermine robe, in which she was dressed as the new Snow Queen after her victory in Zagreb. This is what skiing needs – this freshness. Mikaela Shiffrin seems to be mainly made of this freshness. And she claims, “Skiing is where my worries disappear“. Even the word “worries“sounds refreshing out of her mouth. Especially when said in German. In her new favorite discipline, aside from slalom and giant slalom, she has been making huge progress thanks to her personal language teacher. “German is difficult, but I like it.“ She will need it quite often in future if she keeps developing like this in the Alpine World Cup.


In ladies’ racing, her style is already a trademark. It is dynamic, secure, fast. She is characterized by her extreme acceleration at the ending of the turns. Her role models? “I intensively analyzed my Atomic colleague Marlies Schild’s technique“, Mikaela Shiffrin said. There are striking parallels between her and Marcel Hirscher: both of them are considered as favorites for the Alpine World Ski Championships because they are the leaders of the slalom World Cup. Both of them predominantly stick to technical disciplines, at least for now. Both have parents that are involved in their careers: Marcel’s father Ferdinand accompanies him to races while it is her mother Eileen who is a confidant of Mikaela.