Feb 15, 2013


Schladming. After gold in the team event Marcel Hirscher won the silver medal in the giant slalom. His second place is like a victory over adversity: Just now, during the home World Ski Championships, a displaced cervical vertebra requires attention. A sleepless night, manual therapy in every free minute! “With such pain you usually stay in bed“, he said after the race and was relieved that “the expectations could still be met.“

His personal expectations had been curbed after a painful, sleepless night, “As far as my cervical vertebra is concerned it does not matter whether it is a championship race or not – it just hurts like hell, my head has been grumbling, normally you would stay in bed.“

But what is actually normal? For Marcel one thing was normal in this WSC giant slalom, “To keep giving – as much as possible.“ And considering the circumstances it worked out perfectly well, “I think you could tell in the first run: In contrast to other races, I lacked some of my dynamic today.“ In between the two runs Marcel had another hour of therapy, “Either I didn’t feel the pain so much anymore in the second run or I was able to ignore it better. I felt, ’Ok, it’s working out better now’, but I didn’t expect to lead.“

How does Marcel feel after winning his second medal at the home World Ski Championships? “To be honest: It was the most difficult race! The mental challenge of WSC races is quite a big deal – and then you also have to deal with some physical issues! It was an acid test, but gaining the silver medal and racing the best time in the second run is a dream; I am very happy about my fierce performance.“

The further therapy plan, “Stabilize the vertebra, get the tension out of my body and tomorrow’s slalom will actually be the best therapy.“