Aug 29, 2011


ATOMIC's new Worldcup Classic and Worldcup Skate are two of the lightest skis ever to compete in the Nordic World Cup. These premium models are revolutionary in terms of their ultra-lightweight and boast high torsional rigidity as well as dynamic longitudinal flex for explosive power transmission. And it's all thanks to the Featherlight construction.

The secret is Nomex, an ultra-light and yet extremely durable material used in the Featherlight's highly complex honeycomb construction. The Nomex honeycomb construction lends the Worldcup Classic and Worldcup Skate considerable stability and a dynamic longitudinal flex, which in combination with the Ultra High Densolite sidewalls delivers explosive power transmission on cross-country trails. Where power is translated into extra-long glide phases by the World Cup base (Base Index: 5000).

So that athletes have the perfect ski for all conditions, ATOMIC offers the Worldcup Skate as a Hard Track and a Soft Track version. The Hard Track delivers optimum stability on highly compact skate trails – thanks to long contact points and a World Cup double-grooved base. The ski tips are also designed so that they will not start to vibrate even on the hardest of terrains. The Worldcup Skate Soft Track comes into its own on soft snow, its specific flex with short contact points and narrow sidecut delivering extra speed.

The new Worldcup Classic and two new Worldcup Skate models with ultra-light honeycomb construction deliver unrivalled performance, making them the ideal choice for ambitious leisure cross-country skiers and racers.