Apr 03, 2012


Perfect finish. First the Birkebeinerrennet, then the season’s finals in Sweden’s Vaalaadalen – ATOMIC athlete Anders Aukland won two races in a row on the new ATOMIC World Cup Classic Featherlight SDS and the ATOMIC Worldcup Classic Boot, which was a perfect final sprint leading to the victory of the Ski Classics ranking. The Norwegian won the Classics series, consisting of 7 races, by 2 points.

Before the season’s finals last Saturday, ATOMIC athlete Anders Aukland was behind by 98 points and ranked second. “I didn’t quite believe that it would still be possible to win the overall Ski Classics ranking. This makes me even happier now“, Aukland cheered after the victory of the 53-km long race with a perfect finish – 0.25 seconds ahead Jörgen Brink from Sweden. The Norwegian gained 200 points in the Ski Classics ranking and headed off the Czech FIS Marathon Cup winner Stanislav Rezac, who crossed the finish line 40 seconds later as fourth (100 points). In the FIS Marathon series, consisting of 11 races, Anders Aukland had finished as second behind Rezac. Aukland: “Stanislav was extremely strong this season. It’s a great achievement for me that I was able to beat him in the Ski Classics series. I’m already looking forward to our competitions and duels in the next season.“

Anders’ brother Jörgen Aukland, winner of this season’s Italian classic Marcialonga, completed the strong performance of the ATOMIC athletes as fourth in both the FIS Marathon and the Ski Classics ranking.