Jul 24, 2013

ARC Technology: for the most natural skiing ever

The new Atomic all mountain series makes skiing feel more natural than ever before. The secret is the revolutionary ARC technology which is now integrated in every Nomad and Nomad [S] ski. For the first time, this allows the ski to flex evenly along its entire length. Resulting in greater flow, ultimate traction and a whole new level of feeling for the piste.

Atomic ARC Technology
Jul 24, 2013

Waymaker Tour: experience pure freedom on the mountain

Backcountry touring really can be this intensive and enjoyable: the new Atomic Waymaker Tour touring ski boot takes freedom to a whole new dimension.

Atomic Waymaker Tour
Jul 24, 2013

Atomic and Jossi Wells launch the Infamous - After four months

Jossi Wells approached Atomic with an idea: bring together a group of skiers with different styles, different perspectives on skiing and show them creating something new. This initial idea blossomed into something bigger, something that transcended the typical discussion about progression and brought skiing back to its roots. From this conversation the infamous was born…

Atomic Infamous
Jul 23, 2013

Fast, faster, Redster: the Atomic Race collection 13-14

Welcome to the premier league: the Atomic Race collection combines the spirit of 50 years of World Cup domination with the technologies of tomorrow – giving every skier the opportunity to create a set-up tailored entirely to their individual preferences.

Atomic Redster 13-14
Jul 23, 2013

New from Atomic: custom-fit goggles and helmet

Live Fit makes ski boots from Atomic among the most comfortable on the market. This sophisticated technology is now also available on helmets and ski goggles, setting new standards in terms of fit and comfort on the Revel ski goggles and Mentor all-mountain helmet.

Atomic Revel Goggle
Jul 23, 2013

The ultimate freedom for pipes, parks and powder: Atomic's Freeski Highlights 2013/14

The most radical freeride adventures, the best jibs in the park and perfect basis for Olympic medals: our new Atomic Freeski collection offers even more flow and fun. You too can take advantage of the equipment used by freeski pros.

Atomic Freeski Highlights 13-14
Jul 23, 2013

The Atomic Boot Collection 2013/14: The ideal ski boot for every turn

From the toughest race stresses and dynamic on-piste turns to playful powder turns, laid-back tricks in the park and backcountry adventures: only the right ski boot makes for the perfect day's skiing. That's why you'll find just the boot for you in our new boot collection.

Atomic Boot Collection 13-14
Jul 21, 2013

The right rocker for every skier

Piste Rocker, All Mountain Rocker or Powder Rocker? If a skier knows the type of terrain he wants to ski on, then he automatically knows which type of Atomic Rocker he needs.

Atomic Rocker Ski
Jun 20, 2013

Lightweight and lightning fast: the World Cup Skate FL Soft Track

The new World Cup Skate FL Soft Track is the perfect cross-country ski for soft to mixed conditions. It gave Dominik Landertinger, third in the overall standings at the Biathlon World Cup 12/13, an advantage. Now it's your turn.

Atomic WC Skate Featherlight
Jun 12, 2013

The Atomic Race Skate: the first cross-country skiing boot with the Boa Lacing system

With the Boa Lacing system, the new Atomic Race Skate introduces the most effective lacing system to cross-country skiing. Because this boot sits so precisely and is so easy to use, more and more amateur racers are switching to the new lacing system.

Atomic Race Skate XC Boot Boa