Jul 24, 2012

Performance Skate: Genuine pro technology for maximum performance

The Performance Skate range from Atomic inspires pros and fills amateur athletes with enthusiasm – because both are able to benefit from the minimum weight and maximum power transfer of the new premium equipment.

The Performance Skate skis and boots from Atomic are designed for athletes who take their passion seriously – be they pros or amateurs. The innovative technologies featured on the equipment are drawn directly from competitive sport. "I don't want to reach the end and wonder whether I'd have performed better with better equipment. Which is why I use the best equipment I know," says Dominik Landertinger, World Cup biathlete and Biathlon World Champion.

Soft Track for soft, Hard Track for hard snow

Depending on the snow conditions there are two different models of ski to choose from: the Worldcup Skate FL Soft Track for soft and the Worldcup Skate FL Hard Track for hard snow. On the Soft Track, a specially defined 3D shape maintains ultra-stability in the centre of the ski, while extreme flexibility at the tip and tail creates short contact zones. The Hard Track delivers excellent stability and precise tracking thanks to the stable light wood sidewall and a double groove. "The Hard Track is my preferred choice because of its superb acceleration and great steering," says Landertinger.

Direct power transmission to the ski: the new Worldcup Skate Boot

The new Worldcup Skate performance boot is another genuine innovation. Its ultra-stiff Carbon 3D Chassis is made entirely of carbon and transfers every last ounce of power to the ski. The new Wrapping Lace technology guarantees that the WC Skate is a perfect fit. The lace system is fixed to the inside of the shaft, providing the foot with even firmer support and enabling the skier to control the ski more easily in any situation. Plus the WC Skate is even lighter than its record-breaking predecessor from last year, weighing in at just 1,208 g per pair. The SNS Pilot Race Skate binding makes this ultra-quick skating set-up perfect.