• Julian Eberhard, ATOMIC
  • Julian Eberhard, ATOMIC
  • Julian Eberhard, ATOMIC
Results in my Career
  • 4th European Cup Sprint 2012
  • 4th European Cup Sprint 2011
  • 2nd European Championships (Junior) Relay
Winter resorts in the world
  • Whistler, Canada
  • Saalfelden, Austria
  • Holmenkollen, Norway
People i like to ski with Ingredients for a perfect skiing day
  • perfect shape
  • fastest skis
  • olympic competition
Songs Youtube Clips Competitions
  • Worldcup Antholz
  • Worldcup Oberhof
  • Worldcup Hochfilzen



Nick Name Juli, Giulio
Hometown Saalfelden
Home Resort Saalfelden (Ritzenseestadion), Hochfilzen
Atomic Gear WC Skate Featherlight/WC Skate/PILOT RACE Skate
Discipline Biathlon
Julian Eberhard, Atomic

Skiing Since


Skiing means to me

satisfaction and liberty

My main goal in skiing is

to become the best

There is nothing better than

feel satisfied

My favourite word to describe snow

I am also good in

I could never compete without

the best equipment