Jan 24, 2013


Mikaela Shiffrin. Fast. Beautiful. Smart. Glowing. In a way, this is the super combination in ladies’ racing – Mikaela Shiffrin has this certain ... everything. Åre, Zagreb, Flachau: After three slalom victories in a row the entire ski world takes a look at the 17-year-old student from Avon, Colorado. On the occasion of the race in Flachau, Mika paid a visit to the Atomic Homebase in Altenmarkt. In order to chat about her new life as student and skiing superstar...

“Unbelievable“, she said. It was only 28 September when she was sitting in the new stylish Atomic Lounge on the Atomic Racing Media Day, and she remembered thinking back then, “Goodness, Marcel, Marlies, Benni – all of my favorites are here and I’m part of this, too.“ And now, only four months later, Mikaela Shiffrin is not only part of it, but she’s among the top stars of skiing. Three slalom victories in a row: Åre, Zagreb, Flachau. A performance one expects from Marlies Schild on skis and snow. And there is still so much more potential. Where will this lead to? “We will see“, Mika said. Her way into the spotlight after this catapult start, “Step by step.“ It’s just a matter of time until she will prove her Redster turbo in giant slalom, too. This is what experts predict. She has also passed tests of talent in super-G and made one thing obvious: Mikaela has speed, too. So she fulfills all criteria to become one of the superstar athletes.

Her success has indeed changed many things. “Especially my time management“, she said. Her mother Eileen coordinates all of her dates and appointments. “I’m so glad she is with me. I’m 17. It would be too much for me to spend months in Europe by myself. My mum is like a piece of home while traveling.“ She is eloquent, charming – and considerate for her young age of only 17. Professional sports in the Champions League make you grow up fast.
Her schoolwork via Internet – Mikaela is still a high-school student – were a good counterbalance to all the physical exertion on the slopes, she explained. Is she content with her success? “Never be content with your success“, she said, “it will make you stagnate.“ During her next catapult start to the spotlight the crowds will cheer for her – the new number 1 in slalom – to the number-1 hit “This Girl is On Fire“.