Feb 16, 2013


Schladming. Mikaela Shiffrin and Michaela Kirchgasser: The Redster ladies turned the ladies’ slalom into one of the most emotional competitions of these world ski championships. Their performances on the slope, the enthusiasm about the Atomic double victory, mile stones in the careers of both: Mikaela as only 17-year-old world champion is one of the new stars in women’s skiing. Michaela is happy about her first medal in an individual event after winning gold in the team event.

The happiest day of her life started with the fact that her legs would not wake up. “No matter what I tried, I just felt that my legs were heavy as never before,“ Mikaela Shiffrin said. Even the natural adrenaline rush of the first run didn’t help Mika’s tired muscles. Neither did third place after the first run. Mikaela Shiffrin, representing a new level of ease in skiing, usually does not know heaviness. “Hot chocolate. I drank hot chocolate“, the new world champions responded to the question what had finally pushed her to one of her power runs.

“Suddenly, the vigor was back in my legs and my head was clear. I imagined how my skis would carry me down this course.“ This is how she described the moments before the start of the most important race and victory of her career. “Ride Redster, skiing, this is the only essential thing.“ One enjoys listening to the exciting way in which the only 17-year-old talks about skiing. “It is like dancing or flying; a lot of comparisons come to my mind.“ What is it like to be world champion? “I can think of no comparison.“ What is more: “I am one of many that won today. We all won – the whole team that has been supporting me. My parents, coaches, teachers, sponsors, the Atomic crew, everyone.“

Also for Michaela Kirchgasser this 16 February in Schladming was the best day of her career. “My first individual medal is something special, together with the gold medal in the team event it is a dream.“ After being hit by two poles in the second run her goggles got out of place. She didn’t lose her focus – on the contrary, “It got louder at any red line, at any intermediate time. Speed, speed, speed, that was what I was thinking. The five minutes in the finish that I had to wait for the end of the race were like an emotional rollercoaster ride. I can not even explain it.“ She was very clear about how she acted differently compared to previous major events, “Whenever I wanted to prove something to myself, I messed up. So this time I only thought: Just race!“