Jun 12, 2013

The Atomic Skintec: the cross-country ski that's ready when you are

The innovative Atomic Skintec is the first high-performance waxless ski worthy of the name. It combines super-easy handling and top performance. Both professionals and amateurs are therefore enthusing about this cross-country ski.

Last season, long-distance stars Anders and Jørgen Aukland trained intensively with the Atomic Skintec - now they don't want to use any other training ski. Jørgen, who in 2013 won events including the Marcialonga Marathon, is delighted with the high-performance waxless ski: "It's a versatile high-performance ski for all snow conditions - and my preferred training ski," he says.

The Skintec's versatility is down to the replaceable Skintec module on the underside of the ski. You can choose between two options: the wide module transmits lots of extra power at the kick; with the narrow module you glide efficiently and save energy on the trails.

With the Skintec module, the athlete can thus spontaneously adjust to changing conditions. The module can be replaced in a single easy motion. The athlete is thus ready for all snow conditions in seconds - and can also integrate training sessions into everyday life without time-consuming preparation.
Although it does not use any wax, it's short kick zone makes it a fast and smooth-gliding ski. For Overall Ski Classics Winner Anders Aukland it is a technological revolution: "I've never used such a fast waxless ski," he says.