Made to Measure

Cross-Country Race Skis from Atomic, hand-picked for you.

Just like the pros.
We now measure and label each World Cup cross-country ski in extreme detail, just like we do for our athletes. So every skier can have handpicked the perfect pair for them.

Our Redster World Cup skis are some of the fastest cross-country race skis around – for occasions when every second counts. And now we’re helping skiers to find the perfect, individual ski thanks to our Made to Measure program.




Both our Redster Classic and Skate series are built with one purpose in mind: making skiers go faster. With even more forceful kicks. Even longer glide phases. And innovative technologies that transform strength into forward thrust even more efficiently. In our Redster Classic series this includes SDS Technology – the unique Atomic construction we use for our top racing skis: Redster Worldcup, Marathon and Skintec. This technology keeps the kick zone high above the snow in the glide phase and stays easy to compress during the kick.

On our Redster Worldcup and Marathon Skates, their key features are a Nomex ski core – a feather-light core construction for light, fast racing skis made of torsion-resistant Nomex for enormously powerful acceleration. Plus sidewalls made with high quality lightweight wood for great stability and great tracking. It makes them some of the fastest skates you’ll find anywhere.