• Byron Wells, ATOMIC
  • Byron Wells, ATOMIC
  • Byron Wells, ATOMIC
  • Byron Wells, ATOMIC
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  • Cardrona NZ 
  • Keystone CO
  • Alaska 
  • The Carter 2
  • Dedication 3
  • The essential Johnny Cash
  • Shooter
  • Deadly Encounter
  • Sniper
  • Sammy Carlson
  • Tanner Hall
  • Jossi Wells


New Zealand

Spitzname Rizz
Geburtsdatum 04.03.1992
Heimatort Wanaka
Heimatgebiet Cardrona Alpine Resort
Atomic Ausrüstung Skis: Punx. Bindings: FFG 16. Boots: Overload. Helmet: Troop.
Disziplin Park & Pipe
Beruf Skier
Sponsoren Atomic, Oakley, Cardrona
Magazin Cover Skiing.de (Cover) NZ Skier (Cover) Ski&Snow (Cover) Destination (Cover)
Hobbies Flying, Surfing, Ride motorcycles
Fahrzeug 2011 Harley Davidson Sportster 48
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Byron Wells, Atomic

How and when did you start skiing

Started skiing when i was 2 at Cardraon NZ

Who were you skiing with at first

Jossi, Dad, Mum

What terrain where you riding at first

Started with Racing when i was a grommet.

Who were some early influences on your skiing

Tanner Hall, JP Auclair

Do you enjoy skiing in contests

There is no better feeling than landing your hardest run in a contest

How could contests be improved

If they all where Dew Tours or X Games.

What do you think of ski movies

Would rather ski than watch it

Which are your favorites

1242, X=10

Do you enjoy shooting video parts

It's the best. Wish i had more time to do so.

Do you ski in the rain


What do you like about Atomic

Their Loyalty. I have only ever rode on Atomic skis. And they make skis that work for me.

How did you get on Atomic

Started getting hooked up as a grommet for racing then started freesking.

Who do you ski with now

Jossi, Beau-james. And Whoever is in town.

Who are your favorite skiers of all time

Candide Thovex, Tanner Hall

What have been the highlights of your skiing career

2nd Dew tour, 3rd Dew tour, JOI when I was 14

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish

Win the Olympics and X Games

What do you do besides skiing

I fly Helicopters, Ride Motorcycles and surf

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

I just started DJing so pretty into all the house & Dub Step at the moment

What are your future goals

Become the best pipe skier in the world, Become a commercial Pilot, Enjoy life